• Amy Sandig

Five Minute Social Media Strategies that WORK

Keeping ahead of the social media game doesn’t always have to be time consuming and expensive.

Use these top three platforms to share your views, build an audience and be a leader in your industry.

1. LinkedIn

Perhaps the best known social media platform for professional networking. LinkedIn acts as an online resume where you can showcase:

- Your current role

- Previous experience and skills

- Education 2. Quora

If you are looking into social media, you have probably been told you need a blog.A series of lengthy informative posts you write yourself and post regularly for online audiences to read.

Quora acts like a micro blog with a built-in audience and does the promotion for you. Improving your ranking on Google and providing built in content.

All you need to do is create a profile and provide short answers to questions generated by existing users.

It’s quick, efficient and generates unique views every month without any extra effort on your behalf. Just post and go.

3. Goodreads Whether you are into fiction or non-fiction books, you can’t go past Goodreads. This online platform lets users display and rate what book’s they have read, network and write reviews.

With a thriving online community, Goodreads is a great place to see what others in your industry are reading and promote your own published work.

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