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Dealing with Defamatory, Out of Date and Spam reviews

Updated: Oct 19

We live in an age of instant communication.
Reputations that take years to build can be tarnished in seconds with a few negative reviews.
Online review websites are popular and often seek to publish sensational content that grabs readers attention.
Good, bad, or extremely ugly, these websites encourage viewers to rate professionals and leave detailed feedback. Often under the cloak of digital anonymity.

This poses a significant risk to professionals and the organizations they work with. A negative review can reflect badly on those surrounding the professional in question. This is particularly relevant to those in a public facing role.

So, the question remains, how do you manage your risk and reduce the impact of negative reviews.

In the modern age, the occasional negative review can be expected. Viewers often discount extreme reviews and look to the overall trend of a professional’s feedback. Equally, an absence of any negative or neutral reviews can be viewed with suspicion.

Visual signs of professional credibility and a human face often trump anonymous digital reviews.

In advertising, the packaging is often more important than the product and viewers look for visual clues and signs of authority and success. Profiles with up to date contact information, profile pictures and photos of the professional in a work context are viewed more favorably than those without.

Review sites are a business and profit from click per view advertising models.

Make sure you remain on the right side of the business and take a proactive approach.

This can include responding to positive reviews to say thank you, offering links to valuable information on your website that generates goodwill or encouraging your clients to leave a positive review of your services.

Websites such as offer monthly subscription packages that allow a professional to have a dedicated account specialist and other features to optimize their online profile. This can include choosing the order reviews are displayed in and the addition of a photo gallery to post relevant professional images.

In the case of negative reviews, the ‘ratings concierge’ feature in the paid subscription packages allows for faster investigation and removal of unhelpful reviews. In addition to brand blocking, that prevents the profile being shown alongside any lower ranking profiles.


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